Deadpool Trailer 2 Review: With an impressive list of superhero movies lined up for 2016, comes a flick which has a total different perception on superheroes. An ex-mercenary diagnosed with an incurable cancer is offered by the agency to transform him in to a deadly weapon, which he accepts. Later to his surprise he finds himself hideously dangerous with this deadly indestructible powers.

Ryan Reynolds plays the Deadpool, this film marks the eighth installment in the “X-Men Series”. This one is directed by Tim Miller. The trailer looks slick with deadly action sequences, it has great twisted humour with some really foul language, which may face many beep cuts from our censor board.

The movie is slated to release worldwide on February 12th 2016 in Premium Large Format and IMAX. With us having IMAX can expect to experience it to the max, as I saw the trailer of this movie during the intermission of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at an IMAX screen.

Check out the Official Red Band 2nd Treailer of ‘Deadpool’ below:

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