Christopher Nolan to make a film Dunkirk for Warner Bros: There’s been a speculation on cast and crew for this film in past few days. With that being said we got some insight on what it could be. Christopher Nolan is directing a movie based on “Dunkirk” the legendary evacuation of the Northern French city during WWII. Christopher Nolan to make a film Dunkirk for Warner BrosNolan is headed to France in regards to this film and will direct this one with his own screenplay.

The yet to be cast actors are still a question, but the potential expectation looks really good with Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy as the front runners. It will be really interesting to see this team come together as Mark Rylance is been already nominated for Golden Globe for his performance in Steven Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies”, and he will be joining him again in “THE BFG” in 2017. Moreover Tom Hardy is raking in too rave reviews from “Revenant”.

This is a gripping and powerful story and Warner Bros. has slated its release on July 21st 2017, the grapevine is the large scale production will be shot on a combination of IMAX 65mm and 65mm large format film for maximum image quality and true life experience. The movie will go on floors starting May 2016 with real locations of the true life events.

A War film on IMAX directed by Nolan, self-explanatory!!!

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