Chillena Oru Mazhai Thuli Cover Song review

Cover videos are getting a trend these days with music artists re-creating the aura once again, but only a few can actually re-create without losing the original essence.

This video is a clear example of that, “Chillena Oru Mazhai Thuli” was a chartbuster and was a favourite with many. This cover programmed and composed by Srihari Jagannathan was a good rendering of the original.

The recreation was neatly matched by Arun Balaji’s direction with Yashmith and Shwetha Shekar making a cute couple, looking delectable on screen. The video was well captured by Arunmily.

Put Chutney Music has been a great support to Indie music artistes from South India, not only their comedy videos on Put Chutney are hilarious but also their choice of music is good as well.

Check out the “Chillena Oru Mazhai Thuli Cover Song” below:

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