Check out why Siddharth is unhappy with Amazon and NetflixSiddharth is one actor who always finds avenues to explore, his last release Aval was taken at a minimum budget but it went on to become a blockbuster in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

The film also fetched a good digital revenue to Siddharth who is also exploring the web series space now. But unfortunately, Amazon and Netflix are only targeting big actors, directors and production houses, they are not helping out youngsters.

Reacting against this unhealthy trend, Siddharth said “Star based cinema is now dominating theatrical release, music rights, TV satellite, digital streaming rights, and shockingly even award shows. Cricket sees the difference between IPL and tests. Why can’t cinema? This is literally winner takes all. Independent cinema is dying. The number of small companies and individuals in cinema struggling to release their films is growing. Earlier they had TV satellite & digital was expected to be a boon. Turns out these avenues are reserved for bigger players irrespective of the quality of content. Status quo must change. Netflix and Amazon better start recognizing young talent and unique content. Otherwise, we will only see the same bloated commercial cinema there too and that is a waste! Hollywood has gained tremendously from these channels. India deserves better. So far, it’s dismal”.

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