Charlie Malayalam Movie ReviewMovie: Charlie
Direction: Martin Prakkat
Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Parvathy, Aparna Gopinath
Music: Gopi Sundar
Cinematographer: Jomon T John
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: Its story of a mysterious character Charlie (Dulquer) who appears from nowhere in to people’s lives and solve their issues in his unique way. One fine day Tessa (Parvathy Menon) accidentally bumps in to this character, without her knowledge she starts to venture in to finding an end to the story she discovers at her house, where Charlie use to live earlier. What leads following forms the crux of the story directed by Martin Prakkat.

Why it’s disappointing: Hardly anything, just let it rest.

What to watch out for: Malayalam film industry is going on top gear with quality cinema, which is redefining the movie watching experience. The new age directors are scoring one after the other with fantastic scripts which are bound to make you fall in love with them. They’re maturity is clearly shown in their work, can’t help but keep praising them. Director Martin Prakkat treats this story to a dimension, which takes you to a level of trance, that you wish don’t get out of it.

Really don’t know where to start so I’m gonna start with Dulquer, the lover-boy, and the dreamy personality which makes the girls go “Awwwww” not only scores with his sweet boyish cum rustic looks. But also scores high with his acting prowess. The way he carries this character is outstanding, every shade of it is just mesmerizing with his talent. You must be wondering…Is this critic praising him too much? Yupp I’m praising him a lot, because this character was a simple one, but he makes this one special with his commendable performance. The intro scene of his, with that deep voice reciting Hindi Shaayari (Poetry) was classy.

Charlie Malayalam Movie ReviewParvathy Menon, she’s a beauty who creates a new meaning for it with her simple looks but captures you instantly with a glance thrown, when she appears on screen. As “Tessa” she captivates every scene she appears on screen with her bohemian look. Parvathy is a perfect example for beauty with brains, a talent which both the industries are lucky to have. She doesn’t have to churn out dialogues to perform, her expressions emotes more dialogues than the speech. A talent to cherish.

The rest of the cast makes a strong case because each and every one of them are equally important. To begin with Aparna Gopinath (Kani), she has few scenes but leaves an impact and gets registered with the silent treatment, which comes with tom-boyish beauty riding a Classic Royal Enfield. Then comes Nedumudi Venu as Kunjappan, does a commendable job at the old age home, who has an underlying painful love story which remains tender even after decades. You can’t miss this character Soubin Shahir as Sunikuttan/ Mr D’souza, might remember him from “Premam” PT teacher, he brings in great laughs for the screen time given to him, a great talent who effortlessly delivers what is required of him. Chemban Vinod Jose as Mathai/Pathrose a short stint with a great stature.

The story unravels at a tasteful pace with sweetness infused meticulously with mystery, this leaves you asking for more. The romance is unique which gets under your skin with the impeccable timing of situations, which builds up a feeling giving you peace. I might exaggerate it, but this is how I felt watching this flick, because I was drawn towards it, like a bee to a flower.

Martin Prakkat along with Unni penned some beautiful dialogues which were simple in nature but leaves a mark. The writing was great which doesn’t wander, rather makes you wander around it.

This beautiful movie gets even more addictive with its music by Gopi Sunder. This chap has always churned out tunes which will kindle the romance automatically. He has a nake to rattle that romantic bone of yours. All the songs were good with right placing without hurdling the script. My favourite picks are “Pularikalo” sung by Shakthisree Gopalan & Maqbool Mansoor, this track is addictive right from first note till the last. Then comes the track sung by our very Hero of the film, Dulquer. He’s not only excelling as an actor but did really good as a singer who crooned a tune “Chundari Penne” an upbeat track which has great energy.

The movie has great cinematography with grandiose visuals by Jomo T John, which adds more spice to “Charlie”. The editing by Shameer Mohammed was precise and sharp. The sound design by Vishnu Govind and Sreesankar was great. Have to mention the costume designer Sameera Saneesh, who did a remarkable job in dressing up Dulquer with his unique hippie outfits, also the vibrant bohemian look of Parvathy. This gave a great outlook to the respective characters. Well-designed costumes were matched equally with creatively designed sets. The comic strip was designed really well, kudos to the artist.

Verdict: Charlie by Martin Prakkat takes you on a journey which you wish doesn’t end. A visual delight, a musical treat, delectable performances clubbed with an inquisitive romance which draws you towards it, compelling to fall in love.

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