Central Intelligence Movie ReviewMovie: Central Intelligence
Direction: Rawson Marshall
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart
Music: Theodore Shapiro, Ludwig Göransson
Cinematographer: Barry Peterson
Editor: Michael L Sale
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Rating: ∗∗∗

What is it about: The film is an action comedy which begins from a high school about two friends building a premise, which develops in to their lives further settling in to careers opposite to their nature from high school. And these two friends re-unite after decades and team up to save the world, as one among them is from CIA. The film is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

Why it’s disappointing: The film is in all possible way is quite dumb. But the whole point of it was to be, so there’s no point in complaining. Rather watch it with an open mind and enjoy.

What to watch out for: What makes this mindless comedy a good watch is its lead cast. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, both eccentric in their characters play out really well. This resulted with an electric chemistry which makes you laugh hard out loud. And director Rawson made good use of that, and spun an action comedy which was mindless to the top level but entertaining to the best.

Dwayne Johnson is a gifted actor, who can pull off comedy in spite of his larger than life image. And it suits him perfectly with no qualms. Which is not the case with other muscle bound actors from Hollywood. Dwayne throws in some strong punches on humour which reaches to the tip of your funny bone, giving a boost to laugh. His character as Bob Stone was fantastic with a fanny pack.

Kevin Hart, he makes a strong case when it comes to panic comedy. And he does that with great conviction and it comes natural to him. He can annoy the hell out of you, but at the same time will keep you entertained. And their buddy factor worked great on screen with amazing timing.

The film had a great cinematography by Barry Peterson, who kept the fast paced action comedy at its toes. Which was perfectly matched by a tight edit from Michael Sale.

Verdict: Rawson Marshall, who gave the stupendous “We’re the Millers” didn’t compromise on the laughs. He dished out another comedy which satisfies your comedy pangs and keeps you engaged in the stupidity. He threw few hard punches with the help of Dwayne and added a shot of Kevin, which made CI a decent watch. Definitely worth a watch.

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