I love acting, and I might continue to act when I grow up.

Kids always bring joy, no one can argue on that. But these kids when get notorious, hell breaks loose. cinemaglitz-candid-with-naughty-nishesh-pasanga-2-03We happened to meet one such kid who will be remembered as the most notorious Kavin (Nishesh Abilash) debuting in the upcoming “Pasanga 2” directed by Pandiraj. Pandiraj’s previous outing with kids was one hilarious ride, hoping for the same this time too.

Nishesh at the moment was very excited for his interview and was enjoying his extended holidays due to heavy rainfall. Let’s see what this young chap has to say about Pasanga 2, personal life and his interests.

Hello Nishesh, which grade are you in?

I’m studying in 5th Standard, at Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya.

How did you land the role of “Kavin” in Pasanga 2?

I had auditioned for the role. Initially was with the Assistant Director Vallikanth later was put on to director Pandiraj.

Have you seen director Pandiraj’s “Pasanga”?

Yupp, I did and loved it very much.

What’s your role in Pasanga 2?

I play the role of Kavin. Muniskanth from “Mundasapatti” plays the role of my dad and Vidya from “Saivam” as my mom.

cinemaglitz-candid-with-naughty-nishesh-pasanga-2-05Is this your first experience in front of the camera?

In a movie yes, this is the first time. I have done an Ad for Pothys which features kids in a Durbar, and I played the messenger in that Ad.

Were you offered the opportunity in Pasanga 2 looking at this Ad?

No no, it wasn’t the case. I auditioned for Pasanga 2, this Ad didn’t have anything to do with it.

Do you like acting? And would you continue in to this field once you grow up?

“I love acting, and I might continue to act when I grow up”.

Leave acting aside, what would you like to pursue as career on a serious note if not acting?

“I would want to become an astronaut and I was inspired by Neil Armstrong. One day would like to work at NASA.”

Nishesh do you watch lot of movies?

I do, lot of them. No specific genre though, as I equally like them all.

Who is your favourite actor in the industry?

Nishesh surprises us with his answer; “I like Ajith, Vijay and Dhanush, and agreed he’s a “Thala-Thalapathy” fan”.

Do you watch English movies and who is your favourite among the actors?

I sure do watch English movies, and “The Rock” is my favourite. Also I love “James Bond”.

When asked which James Bond is your favourite?

“I like the James Bond from “Skyfall” and I’m eager to watch “Spectre”.”

cinemaglitz-candid-with-naughty-nishesh-pasanga-2-04How do you describe yourself as a student at school?

I’m most definitely the bright one.

Do you get treated as a celeb at school after the stint in Pasanga 2?

Not exactly, but my Principal said she will watch my movie for sure, as I’m a good actor.

How do your neighbours and friends treat you post Pasanga 2?

“My friends and neighbours treat me the same, but have asked for movie tickets once it has been released”. And have promised to watch my film.

Have you met Surya and Jyothika at the sets?

Yes I did, Surya Sir will come and go occasionally. And I met Jyothika mam at the Audio Launch of “Pasanga 2”.

You said Muniskanth from Mundasapatti played your dad in the film, do you know his original name?

“Ya I do, its Ramdoss. He’s hilarious and always kept everyone smiling.”

Can you say something about your on-screen mother Vidya?

“Vidya mam was very caring, I can be naughty and when I get hurt she will make sure it’s taken care of right away”.

Have you been offered any more roles after Pasanga 2?

Nothing yet, just been attending auditions.

Have your parents been supportive of you taking this up?

“They are most definitely, and have encouraged me all the way. I’m lucky to have them.”

What are your hobbies Nishesh?

I love to collect stamps. I also like to sing and can dance pretty well.

Who is your favourite actress in Tamil cinema?

“Nishesh starts to blush and said ……I like Nayanthara J J .”

Do you watch Hindi films?

I do, my mother is from Rajasthan and my dad is from Kerala. So I can speak and understand Tamil, Hindi, English and Malayalam. The last Hindi film I watched was “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”.

What’s your favourite food?

I love Chicken, but I don’t like KFC because my uncle said that the food there is contaminated.

How are your co-stars in Pasanga 2?cinemaglitz-candid-with-naughty-nishesh-pasanga-2-surya-02

They are really good to me, and we had lot of fun between the shots. Sometimes director will ask us to laugh just for fun, we would end up doing the loud villainous laugh.

Are you happy with this new experience?

I’m very much happy with this experience. “Once I was rewarded by Surya sir, he gave me a sketch book with crayons, as I did a sequence really well.”

How many days did the shoot go? And how did you manage to get the permission at school?

It went on for 4 months. Pandiraj sir gave us an official letter asking for permission, mother had taken that to the principal, later they approved the leave for 4 months.

Are you the naughtiest in Pasanga 2?

Yupp, they made me look like that.

Do you love sports?

I like obstacle race.

Do you like cricket?

Ya I love cricket, my favourite players are Kapil Dev & Virat Kohli.

What would you ask Virat Kohli, if you were get a chance to meet him?

“I would ask Virat Kohli to take me in to their team”.

What about Dhoni? Don’t you like him?

No I don’t because I think he’s become old J J.

Are you video game fanatic? And which is your favourite game?

I’m big time, and I love to play “GTA (Grand Theft Auto)”, because you can act and play as you wish.

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