Bogan Movie ReviewMovie: Bogan
Direction: Lakshman
Cast: Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy, Hansika Motwani, Akshara Gowda, Varun
Music: D Imman
Cinematographer: Soundararajan
Editor: Anthony
Genre: Action
Rating: ∗∗½

What is it about: It’s an action thriller, where a notorious criminal plays a trick on people to do his dirty deeds. And one day, when a cop is on to him, tables are turned, which forms the crux of the story directed by Lakshman.

Why it’s disappointing: Well to start with the film is quite influenced with one too many Hollywood flicks, that brings down the genuine notion of the film, which is to entertain. It’s fine to get inspired, there’s no filmmaker who is not inspired by another filmmaker’s work. But when that influence gets infectious to the story, then it’s an issue to the director. That’s the case with “Bogan” directed by Lakshman.

The base line of the story was borrowed and manipulated to suit the Tamil Audience. Which was a good job, but that notion was lost when the director deflected it from too many commercial compromises which spoiled the entire fun of the game plan.

Hansika was explicitly used just for the sake of a compulsion to have a heroine, as she didn’t have anything to offer, expect annoying the audience with her overdone acting.

The rest of the supporting cast was not up to the mark either, which includes Akshara Gowda, who seemed lost in this movie. And there was Varun Kamal, who didn’t fit the bill and above all Nassar’s character was underplayed with no importance, as that character demanded a little more attention than it was given.

Here and there the film manages to capture the audience’s attention, but in the name of twists and turns they lose out on logic and finally a cluttered climax.

The music was average by Imman, nothing much to offer. “Damaalu Dumeelu” didn’t quite catch up to “Dandanakka“.

What to watch out for: The film had too much to lose, but the saving grace of the film were Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swamy.  This combo once again worked after “Thani Oruvan”.

Jayam Ravi, is one underrated Hero of Kollywood. He doesn’t get appreciated for what he’s, but he never gives up and dish out great performances, regardless of how dull a script is. And it was the same case with “Bogan”. He did a commendable job, in portraying two shades in the film.

The same goes to Arvind Swamy, who did a great job. And kept a grim attitude throughout the film which had the cool traces of a chilled out nemesis. There are few scenes in the film where he steals the show. Another good one from him.

The cinematography by Soundar Rajan was on target, and was perfectly edited by Anthony covering up the loop holes in the screenplay.

Imman, who lost out on music gains in the background score.

Verdict: Lakshman, wasted a wonderful idea, which could have been a tremendous success. But got carried away from heavy influence, in spite of Jayam Ravi & Arvind Swamy’s honest attempt in holding the audience, the screenplay falls flat. Can watch once for the lead cast’s commendable performances.

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