Stone Bench Creations is an organization conceived by Pizza and Jigarthanda fame Director Karthik Subbaraj and his friends to develop innovative solutions in the Entertainment industry that will support independent film makers, aspiring actors and other talents.

Bench Flix is a product developed to provide Reach, Recognition and Revenue to independent short film makers by distributing their short films across different avenues such as theaters, television, in-flight entertainment, radio and digital platforms.

Stone Bench Creations’ first collection of short films ‘Bench Talkies – The First Bench’ is the first-of-its-kind movie in Tamil directed by 6 independent short film makers to be released in theaters. The movie is censor certified (U/A) and is releasing on 6th March 2015 in SPI Cinemas & PVR Cinemas in Chennai and Coimbatore and on 13th March 2015 in PVR Cinemas, Bangalore.

The Directors of Bench Talkies are Anil Krishnan, Charukesh Sekar, Gopakumar, Monesh, Rathnakumar RM and Karthik Subbaraj.



Bench Talkies is the starting of a good change in the film industry that will give an identity to many independent film makers. Let’s all support the entire team in making independent short films successful and be the backbone of many film makers success.

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