Befikre Trailer Review

After months together and a long tease, Aditya Chopra finally decided to show the glimpse on what’s in store of “Befikre”. The posters were hot and raunchy and the trailer doesn’t disappoint you what the posters had promised.

Obviously this is not a movie for those orthodox people who have been commenting relentlessly on You Tube comment section of this trailer calling it a Porno or not being Sanskari. And moreover using abusive language defeating the purpose of what they have been arguing on.

The trailer looks fun and definitely one which many of us have fantasised of what one would do if we end up in Paris with a stranger. Befikre is all about that, Ranveer and Vaani look extremely hot respectively.

We are waiting relentlessly for the release of this film, which is slated for 9th of December 2016.

Check out the Official Trailer of “Befikre” below:

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