Bangalore Naatkal Trailer Review

Remakes are a favourite with any Industry, but there’s one main thing the production houses or the directors forget when they have an idea to make one, will it work in a different language. Just because if it’s a hit in one, doesn’t mean it will turn out to be a blockbuster if been remade. Few films are to be left alone to savour in their native language.

A very good example of that is “Bangalore Days” remake “Bangalore Naatkal”. The central characters in the Tamil remake seem to imitate the original which doesn’t look good. I doubt even Parvathy Menon could do justice to her own character in the remake.

The trailer doesn’t impress neither creates an anticipation for its release. May be it will work for the ones who haven’t seen the original, but I believe enough of them have seen it to like this one.

Check out the Official Trailer of ‘Bangalore Naatkal’ below:

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