Baahubali Kiliki language goes POP with Smita!!!

Smita is a name which went in to hiding for more than a decade, she was one of the most creative and talented singer who made the private albums a thing down south. She stands as the first multilingual south Indian pop star to emerge from Telugu land. It’s been 15 years since her first album release called “Hai Rabba”, after which she went on delivering successful albums there on. Having received various accolades for her pop, playback and live performances, she also received a Filmfare award in the year of 2005 for “Best Female Playback Singer”.

Smita has delivered over a dozen of hugely successful albums in more than 6 languages. Her versatility has seen her sing from pop to purely devotional songs. The rendering of “Ishana”, a collection of spiritual Sanskrit hymns have mesmerized the global audience.

After a hiatus gap she returns with “Baha Kiliki”, a first single in Kiliki language. Still wondering where you had heard this language? It’s the one which was introduced in the magnum opus “Baahubali” by S.S.Rajamouli and created by lyricist Madhan Karky. “Baha Kiliki” will serve as tribute to the entire cast and crew of “Baahubali”.

This racy single features Smita with Kalakeya Prabhakar himself along with Rapper Noel Sean. Smita still looks fabulous and can make you dance to her tunes. The lyrics are penned by Madhan Karky and the foot tapping composition is done by Achu from “Urumeen” fame. The choreography has been done by Bollywood’s ace choreographer Bosco, and has been tastefully captured by Sameer Reddy and was conceptualized by director Deva Katta.

If you’re wondering how the song goes, have a look at this ““Baaha kilikki raaha kilikki pipi filifi jivlaa groakki unoa dunoa muvoa chavo dambadamba bugoa kilikki!”. I agree little hard to follow but it’s quite interesting to listen though.

Smita’s “Baha Kiliki” is all set to enthrall the audience with its foot tapping music and arresting visuals. Smita takes this opportunity to thank the media for its continuous support and encouragement. She truly feels blessed for love and affection showered by her fans and the music fraternity for always being there in her creative endeavours.

Check out the ‘Baha Kilikki’ song, Tribute to Team Baahubali by Smita below:

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