baaghi-3-movie-reviewMovie: Baaghi 3
Direction: Ahmed Khan
Cast: Tiger Shroff, Ritesh Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor
Music: Julius Packiam
Cinematographer: Santhana Krishnan, Ravichandran
Editor: Rameshwar S Bhagat
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: ∗½

What is it about: It’s a Hindi action thriller film which is supposedly a spiritual sequel to the earlier Baaghi movies. The film revolves around two brothers who share a unique bond since childhood. On an unfortunate day the elder brother gets kidnapped abroad on an assignment. What happens next forms the crux of the story directed by Ahmed Khan.

These spiritual sequels are a thing, when it comes to film industries across the globe. But this one in particular has a pattern. If you may ask, here it goes;

Baaghi – Varsham, The Raid Redemption

Baaghi 2 – Kshanam, Rambo

Baaghi 3 – Vettai, Multiple movies…

The entire franchise banks on South Indian and Hollywood films from which they were “Adapted”. The problem is not they’re all remakes, the problem is the way they manipulate the original content to try making BAAGHI better, but the screenplay takes a back seat, action and high rise budget takes the front seat. All of the above films were made on enormous budget and were a big hit. I still wonder how? But that’s a different argument. I was able to sit through “Baaghi”. The sequel “Baaghi 2” was unbearable with Rambo references. Then the current “Baaghi 3” just makes “Logic” an understatement. Agreed an action masala thriller needn’t be logically right. But when you take the audience for granted, that’s when the question arise, does it worth the money one spent?

Baaghi 3 has a mind of its own and lives in a universe where laws of physics were tailor made for Tiger’s action sequences.

Baaghi 3 has a mind of its own and lives in a universe where laws of physics were tailor made for Tiger’s action sequences. Tiger Shroff has done enough films to improve his acting. He still displays a standard expression for all the emotions. He’s rigid when it comes to action and performance. I really like Vidyut Jamwal way better in action roles then Tiger. It’s heartbreaking to see Shraddha Kapoor to watch working mindless films back to back. She’s an amazing actor and is underperforming. I really wish she gets a movie where her talent is explored beyond a clichéd Bollywood heroine. Riteish Deshmukh was totally wasted in this film with a mediocre role. It’s ‘cause the film is only and only about Tiger and his action.

The rest of the supporting cast was just there and everyone who played villains were the dumbest characters till date. Jameel Khoury as Abu Jalal the most wanted international terrorist’s character was poorly written, which goes below the average villain in Bollywood films. The dialogues were poorly written and so outdated that people started to yawn and laugh at them during the movie.

The movie focuses on action more than anything. Action was orchestrated to suit heroic moments. The editing was awful. You’ll see Tiger coming from different places in a jiffy with no connection to geography of the place its happening. There’s this scene where Tiger is chased by 3 army helicopters heavily armed shooting at him, obviously Tiger is the hero nothing happens, then cut to, you see him hanging on to a chain from one of the helicopters doing Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible. I really don’t know how he made that possible. This was just once instance of many in the film which doesn’t make sense at all. 143 minutes of Tiger was a little too much dose to take in, ‘cause all he does is flex, flex, flex and then rip, rip, rip.

The cinematography by Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran was good, but editing by Rameshwar Bhagat seemed irregular. But I don’t blame the editor, I’m sure it’s the work of the director. The music was borrowed too; no original songs with average remix versions.

Verdict: Ahmed Khan, was too focused on action and Tiger that he forgot to adapt the formula required to dish out a commercial pot boiler. I’m quite sure this film will come up with huge collection figures in a weeks’ time. But if you’re planning to watch this, I would suggest Netflix a movie at home and save your money. Illogical is truly an understatement.

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