Aviyal Trailer Review

The house of short films have struck again with a compilation, which is versatile in its own kind. They created a renaissance earlier by taking the world of short films to the Silver Screen. We do see many short films every other weekend releasing at preview theatres with friends and family supporting them. But this is quite ahead of friends and family, which would reach a third person judging your work with no biased reviews. A platform where your talent gets a limelight, giving a chance to take the first step in to the industry.

“Aviyal” is Stone Bench creations second compilation of short films hitting the screens this 11th March 2016 at the leading multiplexes in the city. Just don’t ignore this release, if you see the trailer there are actors and directors who have rose to fame from very same platform of short films. Names like Aplohonse Putharen, Bobby Simha & Nivin Pauly, are at a place in their career which many would kill for.

A group of potential actors, directors and technicians to be witnessed and cherished. Who knows one among them will be releasing their own feature film, or starring in one shortly after the release of “Aviyal”. Be there support them and enjoy the tasty “Aviyal” this Friday, being released by Sri Thenandal films a production & distribution house, which is the current talk of the town.

Check out the Official Theatrical Trailer of “Aviyal” below:

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