Aviyal Movie Review

What is it about: It’s what everyone call an Anthology, a collective of short films sewn in to a feature and presented in a cinematic format directed by 5 directors Shameer Sultan, Mohit Mehra, Lokesh Kanagaraj, Guru Smaran & Alphonse Putharen.

Why it’s disappointing: This is a feature which is supposed to be watched with an open mind, as it won’t be in a regular format like other Tamil films. So this section can take a rest for this feature.

What to watch out for: This feature has 5 short films arranged in a great manner, which maintains the tempo at a controlled level.

The feature starts with an introduction, which is a short film itself and have been sequenced to grab the audience attention in the beginning. It’s called “Unkitta Onnu Sollanum Machan”. This was a popular one on YouTube when it came out, due to its witty treatment to the subject. A perfect example of good things come in small packages, and this one was straight to the point. Director Shameer Sultan did a great job on speaking the minds of millions.

Then Aviyal presents you with a quirky romantic short called “Sruti Bedham”. You may smirk and say, another romantic flick with some clichés. You’re right about the clichés but the romantic factor focuses on a different angle, which is presented in the most hilarious manner. The lead characters Amrutha and Rohit made a solid case on their performances, making this one believable. And I can assure Amrutha could grow up to be a great female lead actress if tried her hand in Kollywood. I won’t give out the gist of this short film directed by Mohit Verma, because it all lies in that. Watch it for yourself and who knows you might be reminded of an incident in your life of same sorts. Mohit Verma did a sweet job on this one.

Aviyal then brings you a short film, which focuses on a filmmakers dream and to what lengths he can go to achieve it. The film runs on a tight leash with characters playing out their respective roles precisely. The central characters Deepak Paramesh and Moses have done a commendable job. This short had all the ingredients required for a masala flick directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Post interval, Aviyal brings you another ingredient which is high on laughs. And begins with “Kaneer Anjali”, a road trip of different kind, which takes the dead with his friends to perform the last rituals. Well you got the gist of it, and I can assure you it’s as twisted and funny like it sounds. Directed by Guru Smaran, has an interesting take on life and death. The central characters Deepak Paramesh, Arjunan and Sharath Kumar make this road trip an interesting one with their witty performances. This will be the longest short among the lot, but the one which will tickle you enough making this a worthy ride.

The final sign off short was a signature by Alphonse Putharen’s “Eli”. This one is from his days of short films. A film which was made prior to “Neram”. This stars two of the most successful actors of recent times, Bobby Simha & Nivin Pauly. And this film is a perfect example on how something small could lead to big things in your life. “Eli” was short, sweet and slapstick. A perfect end to the Anthology.

Verdict: This anthology by multiple directors was a good watch. It’s definitely not in the regular pattern which the audience must have seen till date, but one which they might not ignore embracing it. Worth a watch, catch it at a cinema near you.

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