Audience feedback addressed with crisp and sharp cut by Jil Jung Juk: How To Edit A ‘Crispy’ Commercial Film by Jil Jung Juk & Put Chutney.

A successful filmmaker is one who appreciates negative feedback. And moreover act on that feedback immediately. This team has been a step ahead… sorry a leap ahead in making the audience love their film. Their promotional video was fantastic. And this video trumps the previous one. Amazing work by “Jil Jung Juk” team and “Put Chutney”.

Love the dialogues “Tarentino nah Padam Tambram Thaandathu”, that’s where you see the sharp cut. Non-Linear narration….the counter to that by the kid was ultimate “Sultan ke sugar illaya, Kudhurai ku gulab Jamun kekudha”. Freaking hilarious, I’m quite sure to catch the trimmed version for the second time, what about you???

Check out the video “How To Edit A ‘Crispy’ Commercial Film” below:

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