Attu Movie ReviewMovie: Attu
Direction: Rathan Linga
Cast: Archana Ravi, Rishi Rithvik, Yogi Babu
Music: Bobo Shashi
Cinematographer: Ramalingam
Editor: LVK Das
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Rating: ∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s crime thriller, which revolves around one orphan Attu(Rishi Rithvik), who grows up to be henchmen and the conflicts which arises in his life due to this choice forms the crux of the story directed by Rathan Linga.

Why it’s disappointing: Director Rathan Linga had a good notion in portraying a character which was born and bred in the most difficult circumstances. But the execution was quite random, which became a weak point in the film. If the execution would have been as tight as the story, then “Attu” would have become a CULT film in this genre.

And then the classic forcing of songs in the film, to fulfill the commercial requisite. Especially the item number towards the end. The placement of songs were not good, which did slow down the film here and there.

What to watch out for: In spite of few loop holes, “Attu” rises to be a decent flick. And the credit goes to its lead actor Rishi Rithvik. He was great and you can literally see the hard work which has gone in to making the character convincing. Rishi was deep under the skin of the character, and performed it with great sincerity.

Then it was the female lead played by Archana Ravi, she fit the role aptly and was convincing. The supporting cast was perfectly chosen and the nativity was kept intact without tampering. This added an extra flavour to film and made it interesting. Yogi Babu’s comedy worked well and kicked in genuine laughs easing out the tension in the film.

The cinematography by Ramalingam was good so was the crisp editing by LVK Doss. The music by Bobo Shashi was good, and the background score was quite a gripping one.

The action was decent and was kept at the ground level without making it larger than life, which was good to watch.

Verdict: Rathan Linga, did a neat job in etching a thriller, which was apt in its nativity and did justice for the effort put in by the entire cast and crew. Definitely worth a watch for an honest attempt.

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