Another Rolls Royce in B town: On his 42nd birthday Hrithik Roshan has bought a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom for himself and his children.

This luxurious car is a dream of any body and is only purchased by few B-town celebs till now included mega star Amitabh Bachchan, perfectionist Aamir Khan, Baba of Bollywood Sunjay Dutt and international star Priyanka Chopra. This car has cost our Duggu almost Rs. 7 crores and if this is true then this amount is the highest among paid by other celebs for this luxury.

We all know the amount of fondness Hrithik Roshan has for luxury and sport cars. After having Bentley, Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari in his garage, he has added a new luxury beast in his collection. After getting 50 crores from the producers of Mohenjodaro, this kind of gift is a must have for one’s own self, well invested Duggu! One more commitment this evergreen handsome boy of Bollywood has made on his birthday.

After appearing in very few films since last few years he said he will focus on appearing in more than one film per year in upcoming years. He said: “I was occupied for more than a year on Mohenjo Daro which is again forcing me to carry forward my plan to do more than one movie a year. That will happen this year onwards. I have planned it” For his upcoming film Mohenjodaro, he is very much confident and satisfied with the production and direction of the film. He said: “Mohenjo Daro is shaping up well and I am proud of the movie”.

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