Movie: Angry Indian Goddesses
Direction: Pan Nalin
Cast: Sandhya Mridul, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sarah-Jane Dias, Anushka Manchanda, Amrit Maghera, Rajshri Deshpande
Music: Cyril Morin
Cinematographer: Swapnil Suhas Sonawane
Editor: Shreyas Beltangdy
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Rating: ∗∗∗∗½

What is it about: This would be the first Bollywood film which will be an out and out female buddy film. This marks the debut of Pan Nalin in the mainstream cinema world. It’s about a bunch of friends who get together for a re-union which turns out to be a surprise wedding of their closest friend in Goa. What follows forms the crux of the story with some thought provoking issues handled in a mature way.

Why it’s disappointing: This section definitely stays put, as this will join the list among the best made films of the year.

What to watch out for: Pan Nalin enters the mainstream cinema with this bold film which defines “Feminism” with a true meaning. AIG deals with known issues which have become a great case for never ending arguments over the years, still with no resolution nor a direction which can put an end to it. The movie revolves around few friends which starts out to be great fun later unfolds in to a nightmare. There are many instances in the movie which will provoke you to act right away, it will show exactly how we take things for granted and how someone can live a life without compromising rubbing shoulder to shoulder. Women are a great gift of nature, which is misdirected by few and embraced by many. Evil comes in many forms so don’t give it a one-direction saying it derives only from this side of the sex.

What makes Angry Indian Goddesses convincingly angry??? The answer is their terrific performances which demands your undivided attention. Every character has been designed to its perfection with great dedication.

Sarah Jane Dias as Frieda, the central character which holds the group together. Mostly have seen this damsel in glamorous outfit. Only after this flick everyone will take her seriously as she is one hell of a performer, she is a natural. Sarah proved that she is not only smoking hot but can dish out performance which would make her looks obsolete.

Tannishtha Chatterjee as Nargis Nasreen, her rebellious character brings a great discipline to the group which may seem a sober one but when gets to serious business is a ferocious one. She did a commendable job.

Anushka Manchanda as “Mad” Madhurita, everyone knows her as a husky voiced singer whose tracks make a great case, but as an actress she takes the huskiness to a different level. Anushka did a great job in AIG.

Sandhya Mridul as “Su” Suranjana, she’s an actress who have always been underplayed by the industry, she can don roles which we can be cherished always by the avid film buffs. She has a panache to get under skin of the character given to her. As “Su” she did a great job and many would relate to her character.

Amrit Maghera as “Jo” Joanna, never seen her on screen before, but she has done couple of films which not many would have watched. In AIG she shares the screen with great talents proving that she can be counted one among them. She did a very convincing job as half British-half Indian character making you laugh and falling in love with her.

Rajshri Deshpande as Lakshmi, this character hits you right on spot with her spontaneity. She plays the role of a maid serving the high spirited girls in the movie, but she comes off as a commendable performer making a great space for herself in the flick.

Pavleen Gujral as ‘Pammy’ Pamela Jaswal, she is the DIVA of the group. She brings in quite a laughs than the rest of the lot. She defines the great part of any girl gang which needs the feminine side. But how long can she hold on to the stereotype characterization of women? Her transformation was great in the flick which was well performed by her.

Adil Hussain as Police Superintendent, this character was the best as you will hate it for its nature and will bring out the bitterness of the system being followed here. He may appear on screen for a limited period but will make a commendable case for the period seen.

The cinematography by Swapnil Suhas Sonawane was great which was edited at a great pace by Shreya Beltangdy. The movie had a great score too with covers mixed by Cyril Morin and Ram Sampath. “Kattey” sung by Hard Kaur was my favourite which sets the right mood to AIG.

Verdict: Pan Nalin kept all the emotions in right place and treated them with great caution. This makes AIG a great film involving tastefully infused humour coupled with great drama played by terrific characters who make a great case, convincing you the angst buried in many women of today. A movie worth watching for its intensity, take your loved ones, especially for you WOMEN out there who will appreciate the attempt pictured in a cinematic way.

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