Alien Covenant Movie ReviewMovie: Alien: Covenant
Direction: Ridley Scott
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir
Music: Jed Kurzel
Cinematographer: Dariusz Wolski
Editor: Pietro Scalia
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Rating: ∗∗∗∗

What is it about: It’s a sci-fi horror which serves as a sequel to the 2012 Prometheus. And follows as the second film to the “Alien Prequel Series”. In this a crew of a colony ship are on route to a remote planet, whilst they encounter an uncharted paradise which leads to unfortunate events forming the crux of the story directed by Ridley Scott.

Why it’s disappointing: This could stay put for this movie.

What to watch out for: It’s one of the oldest of franchise in Hollywood when it comes to Sci-Fi films. Millions have grown up watching this space horror, which have improvised every time it came one screen. It never loses its focus and makes sure to keep you hooked on to it.

This sequel is no different, it packs in a sharp screenplay which is pretty cut throat, and it doesn’t takes a breath rather makes the audience gasp for a few sequences. The way horror has been derived with the Alien factor in this sequel was quite a creepy one, and the scenes involving the creatures were made meticulously. Director not even for a moment takes a pause, so did the characters in the film, who were brilliant in their respective outfits.

Michael Fassbender tops the list with his great performance, which has shades of different worlds and packs in a solid giving a commendable performance.

Katherine Waterston, may not be the “Ripley” you were expecting. But she carves a niche space in the series as Daniels.

The rest of the cast follows up pretty tight with suitable ensemble.

The VFX is most definitely the high point in the film, it has a realistic embrace to it, whether it were the gore Aliens or the landscape, it was brilliantly rendered. Which was given an amazing tone and captured by cinematographer Dariusz Wolski, and he did a delectable job. And it was a crisply edited by Pietro Scalia.

Verdict: Ridley Scott, once again punches through the genre and lands a solid one, and that was perfectly balanced by performances. It had the right amount gore, action and horror. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss it.

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