Alia Bhatt’s expert views on “ZINDAGI”

Alia Bhatt surely has great looks as we all know, and apart from other well-known facts about her, she has some really great views about the life. As the release date of her new flick “Dear Zindagi” is near, she shared her views about the life, how beautiful it actually is, and what we should expect from it to live a happier and healthier life with her twitter followers.

“Dear Zindagi” is a much-awaited movie starring the cute Alia Bhatt, and the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. As far as the trailers of the movie illustrate, Shahrukh khan teaches Alia to live a happy life despite of problems and stress of daily life. In all, the movie would be about the beauty of life, and how one should live it ideally to make it an inspiration for others.

Today, Alia started a session on twitter #AliaZindagiHacks to interact with her fans and tell them about the way to live a happier life. The major difference between the normal get-together with fans initiated by several other celebrities and Alia’s twitter session is that instead of replying her fans on chat, she made videos to answer the tweets from her fans.

Alia provided answers so passionately, and tried to satisfy all her fans with her answers. Nevertheless, this new way of interacting with fans surely will increase her fan following. Although she is quite a young actress, but her views on “Zindagi” surely shows a level of maturity that is hard to find in girl of her age.

Hats off Alia for initiating this new kind of interactive session with fans, and helping the fans to deal daily hacks of life.

We are eagerly waiting for your movie, and would love to see the chemistry between you and King Khan. Best of luck for your upcoming movie.

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