Jeffrey Jonthan

Review: Since the release of this album GLASSMATES, it has been standing out in the crowd for its brilliant work in bringing out music videos which are on par with international albums. Their approach to visualize the lyrical is impressive. Their previous videos which featured top Chennai model Pradaini in “Variya” and the newly married couple Shantanu & Kiki in “Lipstick”, both were a hit with the audience and this one will be too. The models featured Lokesh & Nesha Barahmand in the video have been loyal to the subject and did a good job. This album GLassmates is another classy example of how music videos should be done.

Jeffrey Jonthan once again gave another track which is beautiful and mellow. The singers Abhay Jodhpurkar & Lady Kash were really good, who added a great value to ADIYE. The video was tastefully captured by cinematographer Niketh Bommi and was well edited Tamil Kumaran.

Check out the video song ‘Adiye’ below:

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