Aandavan Kattalai Movie ReviewMovie: Aandavan Kattalai
Direction: M Manikandan
Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Ritika Singh, Nassar, Pooja Devariya
Music: Kay
Cinematographer: Shanmuga Sundaram
Editor: Anucharan
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: This film is a drama based on actual struggle of many, who seek jobs abroad in order to make more money. The film ponders the nuances of the requisites for that, what happens with Gandhi (Vijay Sethupathi) in a similar situation forms the crux of the story directed by Manikandan.

Why it’s disappointing: I have no qualms about this film.

What to watch out for: There are few directors in the industry, who can turn real life incidents in to a great story projecting on to a cinema. One among them is director Manikandan. He’s been scoring continuously just because of his approach in storytelling, which forms the vital part of filmmaking, which most of them in the industry fail to.

The film had an amazing cast, who were picked well. And every one of them performed it with great diligence.

Let’s lead with Vijay Sethupathi, he’s one of those actors who, when given anything, or a role of any calibre can pull it off with ease. First Dharmadurai and now this both have an off approach and worked well with audience. VJS has a penchant for bringing a great flavour to the character given to him, just cast him and the director is off the pressure in deriving the character to perfection. Amazing performance by Vijay Sethupathi.

Then we should definitely speak about this character Yogi Babu as Muthu Pandi. He is another actor, who is rising in the comedy section. And I would say one of the best. His body language is impeccable and comedy timing is hilarious. And the chemistry and sync with Vijay Sethupathi was fantastic, which makes you laugh hard.

Ritika Singh, with this second outing she definitely proved that she has an actor hidden somewhere deep inside that athlete. The first film was her turf, and she nailed it. But this one called for a performance, which she did really well. Yes, of course she needs little tweaks in expression and emotions. But she has the sincerity of an actress and her lip sync is way better than the seasoned actresses in the industry at present.

The rest of the supporting cast was placed well with Nassar, Pooja Devariya, Manohar, Cheenu Mohan, Singam Puli and the lawyer combo, they were exceptional with their wittiness, enjoyed their comedy, unfortunately don’t know their names.

The cinematography by Shanmuga Sundaram was apt and did justice to the film, which had a relaxed mood. The editing was good by Anucharan.

The music by “K” was great, really loved the tunes which had a great ring to it. Definitely not a melody, but a sync which perfectly sits with this film.

Verdict: Manikandan, does it again and what we can call a hat-trick. A perfect blend of emotions and reality which balances the sanity of both. The reference of SL Tamil and refugees was a subtle touch and was beautifully handled with caution. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss it in theatres.

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