Aamir Finds a Better Actor Than Him

Aamir Finds a Better Actor Than HimWe all would agree on the point that Aamir khan is the real perfectionist of the Bollywood Industry. He is not only too choosy for his movies, but also puts a lot of efforts to justify his role in the movie. Whether it is acting, or the character build up, Aamir is considered as the best in the industry when it comes to putting life in the character. This skill can easily be seen by watching “Lagaan”, “Sarfarosh”, “Dhoom 3”,”PK” and many more. Frankly speaking, the list of superb movies from the actor is almost endless. You can watch any of his movie, and you will conclude that Aamir’s role cannot be played better by any other actor in the movie.

However, Aamir denies himself as the best actor of the Bollywood film industry. SHOCKED???? Yes, we were also shocked after hearing his statement. In Aamir’s opinion, the girls who played Aamir’s daughters in his upcoming flick “Dangal” are almost 10 times more talented than him. They are better performers and are surely better actors than him. Aamir said that he is working in the industry for past 25 years, and these kids are just starting their career, and their performance are just mind blowing. If they are performing like this at this age, then after spending some years in Bollywood, they will be the most talented actors of the industry.

The kids namely,  Fatima Sana Shaikh, and Suhani Bhatnagar, are making their debut with the film and performed really well in the movie, according to Aamir’s statement.

This statement has given us another reason to watch “Dangal”, which surely will be a great movie due to its star-cast and the storyline. How genuine Aamir’s statement is can only be seen after the release, and believe us, if an actor like Aamir Khan is impressed by the kids’ performance, then there is no reason for us to dislike their performance in the movie.

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