cinemaglitz-20-years-of-ddljWhere do I start, the theatre I watched this film for the first time, or the song on “Chitrahaar” which made me fall in love with this film. Two decades have passed by, still……the present generation find this film the most romantic, in spite of being cheesy to the core. There was a magic back then, a feeling, an emotion, which made films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. Whose one liners became the most used pickup lines for the guys back then. Guys and girls try to imitate the style of the lead pair, there was no marriage which was complete without their songs or their fashionable dresses.

DDLJ touched every soul from 6-60. SRK’s “Palat” became the most used phrase by the youngsters hoping for the best. SRK and Kajol set a trend which has lasted 2 decades and will still remain to. The most cherished and mocked climax scene is still the favourite of millions, and many Bollywood films take references from this film.

‘Pyaar karti ho mujhse?’
‘Sabse zyaada.’
Mujhpar yakeen hai?’
‘Khudse zyaada.’
‘Bass phir toh sirf doli utthne ki der hai!!

Aditya Chopra was making this film, like just another. Not only the filmmakers or the audience thought it will last forever. Many try to top this love story, but if it’s good it is not commercially success or if it’s commercial it’s not appreciated. But DDLJ remains to stay on the throne.

SRK and Kajol look great even after 20 years, can’t wait to see the couple return to the silver screen this December 2015 in Rohit Shetty’s “Dilwale”.

A beautiful tribute by Rohit Shetty and Team of “Dilwale” for the golden 20 years of “DDLJ”, which re-ignited the best on screen romance of “Raj” & “Simran”.

Here is the video:

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