Leonardo DiCaprio seems okay even relationship aint going well: Trying not to be blunt, but as every Leo’s fans have already known the ugly truth, we should also bring up the matter in a more forthright way. Leonardo DiCaprio seems okay even relationship aint going wellThe poor but kind artist Jack Dawson is once again separated from his beloved and this time is not that uptown girl Rose DeWitt Bukater who finally survives, but we’re talking about an upcoming actress & gorgeous model – Kelly Rohrbach.

According to US weekly, Leonardo DiCaprio & Kelly Rohrbach have been on the separated page for over a month and the fact is, they both agreed on their decision, for lots of chalk and cheese reasons. The typical “intense work schedule” explanation is to be easily expected, as well as “there are a lot of bad things happen in their lives right now” and in the end “they have to take a break for a while due to all incidents that unwillingly happened”.

It would be quite attention-grabbing at this time, for his career is being exceptionally on top this year regarding his outstanding performance in The Revenant as a tough and rugged mountain man fighting for live and self-redemption.

At the Golden Globe (which is taken place this weekend), the star of Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street is nominated as the best actor in a Motion Picture – Drama and beyond any doubts is on the list for the best actor in leading role at the Oscar, as well.

It seems either DiCaprio or Rohrbach will have many things to do over the next few months. Kelly Rohrbach will continue working on her first serious movie Baywatch with the muscular Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and the prince look-alike Zac Efron; and for DiCaprio – the man who dated models will absolutely be on his own roller coaster of collecting prizes. At the end of the day, both will be doing just fine, and it’s all that matters.

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