Chennai 600028 II Movie ReviewMovie: Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings
Direction: Venkat Prabhu
Cast: Jai, Shiva, Premji, Aravind Akash, Nithin Sathya
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer: Rajesh Yadav
Editor: Praveen K L
Genre: Comedy, Sports
Rating: ∗∗∗½

What is it about: It’s sequel to 2007 super hit “Chennai 600 028”. The film reprises the characters from the previous film establishing their family and settled life. This sequel is directed by Venkat Prabhu.

Why it’s disappointing: I really can’t find anything wrong with this film. The film runs on an honest notion and sticks to it.

What to watch out for: Sequels are a tough thing to match up and a major challenge for a Director. And VP did a fantastic job in maintain the flavour of the film, which doesn’t go stale at any point keeping you intact with entertainment throughout. The film starts at a great note and maintains the beginning till the end.

The best part of the film was all the characters were brought back without any compromise. And each and every character was well established in their mature form, but at the same time have the heart of that teen back then.

Jai, Shiva, Premji, Nithin Sathya, Vijay Vasanth, Arvind Akash and Ajay Raj. All of them were equally good in their respective attire. But among the boys one character stood out and was a new addition to the team. Vaibhav Reddy as Maruthu, was perfect and he performed it with great diligence and in fact held the movie strong in the second half. And that was well supported by another new addition Abhinay Vaddi.

And then there’s Mirchi Shiva, who can make you laugh hard with his antics and one-liners trolling online reviewers. His character was a laugh riot.

Then there are the girls of the film Vijayalakshmi, Anjena Kirti, Maheshwari and Krithika were apt for their characters. And we have a winner here as well, a new find by VP in the name of Sana Althaf as Anu, she did a great job for a debut and will be the current sweetheart of many.

The cinematography by Rajesh Yadav was top notch which had a great vision for a commercial comedy entertainer and that was perfectly matched by a commendable editing by Praveen KL.

And the most important one music by Yuvan Shankar Raja, which was great. The best one was the opening sequence track. And not to forget “Soppanasundari”. Background score was equally good.

Verdict: Venkat Prabhu did a fantastic job in re-creating the memories. And he did that in his style trolling not only online reviewers but also many other aspects from current affairs. The movie runs on a great pace with hilarious one-liners. Definitely worth a watch, don’t miss this sequel.

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